Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~Goodbyes: Sore~

OMG!!! Waaaaaahhh!
I'm so melancholic this week or probably till September. I really hate saying goodbyes with close friends, its a sore in my heart. Two years working together, helping each other, sharing craziness, green jokes and eating lunch together, then one day realizing, they will come to an end soon. Sooner as you have expected.

Well, this is the fact. Co-workers need career-growth but so hard to accept this. I'm so sad knowing that the closest team member of mine as well as our team lead are going to take new journey in Malaysia and Japan respectively. OMG!!!

It's not that I envy them or mad at them, but I felt so lonely knowing that they will be far from me. That I can no longer see them everyday. I couldn't see their laughters during pressure days at work. But I have to face the reality. I must accept it coz I don't have any choice.

I know we only say goodbye but not forever we only part to meet again. I will surely miss you guys!!! *teary-eyed*

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