Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Five employees left in just one month. Whew! Shocking news almost everyday but we can't do anything about it but to accept the truth. Guys para sainyo to:

Dar, Tha, Mia, Kuya Ricky, and Van take care always wherever you go, Goodluck sa bagong journey, definitely VeriFone will not be the same as before kau umalis. Congratulations for your career-growth and keep in touch always.

I will miss the laughter(Dar), the green jokes(Tha na walang katulad magjoke), the Ruffa Mae like voice(Mia), the kuya in the 32nd floor(Kuya Ricky), and even the quietness but sobrang kabaklaan inside(Van).

Adiue...cheerio...bon voyage....goodluck...Godbless you all. :)

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