Friday, September 14, 2007

~The Leaf, The Wind and The Tree~

I want to share this story(i think this was an old story) that first greeted my Friday morning. I had edited some but the thought is still the same. I know lots of people can relate on this and some have already read the whole story.

A Tree has many leaves but he loves most the most ordinary Leaf among the leaves but never dared go after. Leaf knows that they both want to be together but why does Tree always take her for granted. Tree believes that if Leaf is meant for him, they will be together and there's no need to give up the other leaves. Leaf witnesses how Tree chases the other but Tree always ignored Leaf when he saw her crying.

There is Wind who always dry the dews on Leaf and he knows that Leaf is so dependent on Tree. Wind loves Leaf and for her to leave the Tree, she needs a gust of Wind that will blow her away. However, Leaf said,

"Leaf's heart is too heavy and Wind couldn't blow her away."

But Wind replied,
"It's not that Leaf's heart is too heavy. It is because Leaf never wanted to leave Tree."

Wind realized that Leaf leaving the Tree whom she relied on for so long, takes a lot of courage but the Wind continue to blow. Finally, Leaf left Tree but Tree only smiled and didn't ask her to stay. When Wind carries the Leaf, a hot liquid came from the Tree.

Leaf's departure is because Wind pursuits her or it is because Tree didn't ask her to stay.

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