Friday, October 9, 2009

What God Wants Me To Know

It's been months since the last time I posted a blog. Now, I'm doing it again to share one of the FB's application, God wants You to Know. I saw this from Eds' wall but I keep on ignoring it since I am not an FB user who tried almost all the applications she discovered from her friends' walls.

But today, all of a sudden I want to try it. I click the Allow button and upon reading the summary, all my cells ignited(exag!) Hehehe. I became teary-eyed for 5seconds. The message is:

On this day of your life, Nelda, we believe God wants you to know ... that it's OK.
Just rest for a moment. It's OK. Yes, things are crazy, yes, the world is going nuts. Yet, deep underneath the stormy waves, there, in the core of your being, there is pure silence, pure love. And ... it's ... just ... OK.

No need to explain why it's like that. All I can do is smile and whisper... Thank You. :-)