Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First time to!

In 6 weeks never ako nagkamali ng sinakyang train. Ngaun lang!

I left office at 7pm. Since mag-isa akong umuwi so nakatungo ako naglalakad and takip ang ilong kc super lamig. Huhuhu! Kawawang ilong. When I reached Ostbhanof station, I noticed but ignored ang madaming tao sa station. Akala ko naghihintay lang sila sa baba kc malamig sa taas. So akyat lang then pasok sa train na nakastop kc lahat naman ng train sa track na yun dadaan ng Rosenheimer Platz, 1 station lang naman kasi.

Kaso nung umandar biglang pabalik and nakalagay pala sa screen Flughafen/Airport. Shocks so baba ako sa di ko alam na istasyon at antay for 15min ng train pabalik. Uber nginig na ako sa lamig kc di maganda pakiramdam ko today. At last may dumating na train. Pagpasok ko may announcement na indi ko maintindihan at yung iba bumaba na. Pero since mas marami ang nanatili sa loob so tuloy, soundtrip lang hanggang makarating ng Ostbhanof. May announcement na naman and this time lahat sila nagsibabaan. So I asked somebody pero di nya yata ako narinig buti na lang may isang guy na nakaearphone pa pero narinig ako. Di na raw tutuloy ung tren stop na sya dun. He was so kind to offer na may alam syang ibang track na dadaaan ng Rosenheimer Platz so sumabay ako sa kanya.

But then on the way, I saw my boss in SG, andito na pala sya ulit with Mun Fei and another colleague na ngaun ko lang nakita. So nagpaalam na ako sa stranger pero nakalimutan ko magthank you. Mun Fei told me na sabay na lang magdinner sa knila since treat naman ng boss namen and sabay na lang kmi maglakad pauwi. Tapos nakita ko ulit ung german guy and he told me na wala raw S-Bahn going to the central station and got the chance to thank him. SO no choice kundi sumama sa mga SG na alam ko naman unplanned na kasama ako. Kapal mukha na lang hahaha! Another colleague told me this "So you just joined RS-SG. Hmm there must be something in you to be accepted in the engineering department because females are not for engineering." Waaa! oo na oo na, nakakapressure na kayo ha. Compliment ba to or what?

So I'm just quiet sa dinner kc mga 10-yr employees na sila ng RS-Sg eh kng wala lang si MunFei(same flight+1 and same hotel kmi) di tlga ako sasabay. Then Dave saw us pero umalis rin since kasabay nya magdinner wife nya and finally met Kai Xun, a colleague from SG who arrived last week and is staying just on the next door. Lakad na lang kami pauwi..kaloka ang lamig lamig. Lord grant me healthy body especially healthy nose please!

The End.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Walking All Day

Dec 4, 2010. My first saturday in Munich kung saan di ako gumala ng malayo or lumabas para mamasyal. I went out this day simply for shopping: buying christmas gifts, souvenirs, "pasalubong".

Start the day by eating breakfast at the hotel and my officemate gave me a slice of cake. He said that it's for me from a colleague whom I met last Sunday. At 10am head out first to BMW(ung isa kc jan nagrequest ng toy from BMW) so I went there first. When I reached the place dun ko narealize that the memories with RS-Munich colleagues will always pop in my mind if I enter this building. Then I watched the exhibition again bago bumili ng toy car.

After that I return to Marienplatz, shopping area ng Munich. Naligaw ako kakahanap ng Maximillianstrasse so ended up asking some locals. Yeah I walked on the opposite way so balik na naman ako. From end to end ng street kakahanap ng pinakamurang brand ng bday/christmas gift for "him".

Next walk to look for Hard Rock Store for souvenirs pero walang nabili. Then I passed by the Christkndl Market, bukas na pala sya ng morning akala ko sa gabi lang yun so uber dami ng tao plus Christmas sale pala. Dun na nagstart ang paglilibot sa mga Christmas stalls at inusisa mga products nila. Ang cucute ng mga stalls kc ung hitsura may miniature ng famous church, palibot ng christmas lights at maraming decorations. Pero super patok talaga ang Gluwein(hot wine) cguro kc malamig ang panahon.

Then nakarating na ako dun sa binilhan ko ng damit last Monday and tinry ko papalitan ng size ung binili ko kc maliit sya, buti na lang pinalitan naman nila. Then I bought some of my gifts there. Dahil sale, nakabili rin ako ng damit for me.

After that, lakad pa rin and I saw this group wearing santa claus costumes so I asked them why they are wearing such outfit. Sabi nila they want to share the true essence of Christmas(catholic group sila giving small booklets about Christmas and Jesus).

So pinicturan ko sila pero bago ko pa napress sabi nung isa sya na lang daw kukuha para kasama ako. Then after that, binigyan nila ako booklet kaso german so di ko naman maiintindihan plus a gift.

Then I continue walking and stopped at LV and other famous brand shops. I bumped with one of my female RS-SG colleague. We went to eat late lunch at KFC and first time ko makakita ng mga pinoy dito. Hehehe! Mga nakapag-asawa daw sila ng german.

Tapos lakad ulit but this time with Weiwei pero naghiwalay din kmi sa isang store kc may bibilhin ako pero sya gusto na nya lumipat sa iba. Lakad lakad ulit pero napapansin ko parami ng parami ang couples on the streets na naghahalikan or kahit sa loob ng stores. hihihi! and of course ang iingay ng mga magbabarkada. Then suddenly namiss ko ang berks, check the time and I know by this time nastart na ang party party ng berks. I was about to call one of them pero mahal baka mapahaba tawagan kc dami nila. hahaha! Then biglang tumunog ang bells. Since magkakalapit churches dun kaya nung tumunog as if they are inviting me to go inside. So bago pa ako ma-emo(nakakaemo kc ung surroundings plus ung tunog) ng tuluyan pumasok na ako sa Church of our Lady. Stay there for few minutes and observed the people inside.

Then naisip ko may di pa ako nabibilhan kaya hanap ulit ng shop kng san makakabili. Then pinakahuling shop na pinuntahan ko is chocolate shop of course. Hahaha! Then dahil sale at malapit na christmas, siksikan kmi sa train. Pagdating sa hotel, microwave yung tinake out kong carbonara na di ko naubos last friday, nood ng MTV pa rin, sort ng pictures sa Salzburg, laruin ang isa sa mga katabi ko sa higaan then tulog.

-==The End==-

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing! Awesome!

The two words I said about the BMW Welt experience. Ok I am not into cars, I don’t know the parts of it, I only know few brands, and I don’t want it that much(maybe in the future…hehehe). However, after seeing the BMW factory, I bought a car…

…of course a toy car(X6) from the BMW shop. Haha!

I really wanted to buy the small BMW X3 white, the newest type which will be released this year, but costs €28. L

Creating 45 thousand cars per year is not a joke, which means 120 cars/day must be produced. How do they do this?

Robotics(I don’t know if the term is confidential, I hope not). Almost everything is automatic and computerized from creating the frame, engagement, marriage, up to the wedding. Well that is their terms for that. Unfortunately, I can’t share the whole procedures here and taking photos are not allowed. I know now why BMW cars are very expensive.

BMW Welt(World) became one of the landmarks in Munich because of it’s unique architecture.

Inside the building are of course cars, shops, restaurant, exhibition area, and a private area where customers are entertained and given a chance to test their new car. The other two buildings are the BMW factory and BMW museum.

They call this the first stone of BMW because, when it was built, some of the invited guests wrote their wishes and put them in this stone.

Today is my first indoor RS-Munich/Singapore outing participated by 32 people: 27+2(kids) from Munich and 3 from Singapore. A guided tour in the BMW Welt held from 8:30am-1:30pm. Thanks to my colleague here in Munich for arranging this private tour. This is really a unique experience to see live the step by step in developing a BMW car.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I Know So Far About Munich(or Germany)

Being here for a week already makes me want to list what I have observed and experienced which are not unusual in Philippines and Singapore.

Not Automatic Train Doors
We are still not used to pressing the door to board or alight the S-Bahn(ground and underground) and U-Bahn(underground) trains. Sometimes we still wait for the door to open automatically. Mejo di ok pag may german sa likod. haha

Germany, so far, has the best campaign/rules for what they call "Go Green". First, if you buy in a supermarket, be sure to bring your own bag or else you will be paying a not-so-fair-enough-price for a plastic bag. That's why RS have these shopping bags.

Second, all bottled drinks have deposit. But there are machines(see symbol below) where you can return the bottles and will give you a receipt of your deposits. Then you can claim it from the cashier or use it when you buy bottled drinks again. Kaya lang kinukuha ng hotel staffs yung mga empty bottles sa room. hmp!
Third is the proper sorting of garbages. You can see it on the streets, inside the buildings(including RS buildings). Indi lang ok sa indi marunong magbasa ng german. haha!

Earth Colors
Germans preferred earth colors(gray, brown, black, white...). It is so uncommon to see them wearing colorful outfits. Kaya di ko maisuot ung pink jacket ko sa labas. hihi

They are family-oriented persons. Shops are closed on Sunday because they said that it's a family day. For tourists, this is the best day to go out because there are fewer people on the streets.

Shorter Day

We arrived in Munich at 5:30am and it's still dark and cold(well cold naman lagi). Reached Rosenheimerplatz at 8am but still looks like 5am in Philippines. At 5pm, it gets dark easily so when you go out at 6pm, you'll feel like it's already 9-10pm. Hihi! kaya pagdating ng hotel 8pm pa lang nananaginip na ako then gigising ng 4-5am para magnet.

That's all for now.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ano Pipiliin Ko?

Dahil ako ang taong di nagpapadala ng basta basta sa peer pressure kaya ang hirap magdecide kung anong phone ang bibilhin ko.

Bakit gusto ko bumili eh may phone pa naman ako?

  1. Gusto ko yung nakakapag-ym, twitter at FB pag wala sa bahay at kahit nasa opis kc nahihiya ako mag-internet ng not work-related doon.
  2. Lahat ng teammates or madalas ko makausap sa opis eh naka-iPhone.
  3. Dagdagan pa ng mga quotes “Bili na ng iPhone.”, “Buy iPhone now, you know we have this mobile plan discount for R&S employees”

Bakit ayaw ko pa bumili ng mobile phone plan?

  1. Unang una may phone pa naman ako at kabbli ko lang ng phone last June sa 7-11.
  2. May mga gastusin pang mas priority sa ngaun kesa sa bagong phone.
  3. Sayang naman ang 1.5 months or more na indi magagamit yung plan.

Pero kng may sasagot naman ng phone ko iisa na lang rason why ayaw ko bumili. Hihi!

Ang tanong ano ba gusto kong bilhin?

  1. iPhone 4
    1. Mas madaming apps.
    2. Mas sikat and mas marami gumagamit pero parang mas gusto ko pa rin ung iPhone 3Gs.
    3. Gusto ko ung app nila na malalaman kung what time darating ang bus para di ako malate.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S
    1. Mas malaki ang screen and may pinakamagandang screen sa tatlo.
    2. Mas matagal battery life.
    3. Mas maganda hitsura kesa iPhone 4.
  3. HTC Desire
    1. Compared to iPhone 4 and Galaxy S, HTC desire ang most recommended ng mga smartphone reviews.
    2. No other reason,

Waaaaa! Ano ba ang swak sa akin dito? Ang laki ng problema ko noh?! wag na lang kaya...

(in fairness nakapagblog ako ulit! Yes!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Searching For An Answer

Suddenly, I want to ask this...


(used HE for generalization)


Person 1: He knows exactly what he wants, how to get it but afraid to take the first step in making it happen.

Person 2: He want a change but don't know what exactly he wants to do and where he is going.

Person 3: He has plans but waiting for something to start his plans.

Person 4: He is making the steps towards his goal, giving his all, but it's never that easy.


Person 5: His relationship is rocky but he never stop giving love a chance.

Person 6: He knows staying in the relationship is not ok, but he don't want to waste the years they spent together.

Person 7: He finally find the courage to end the relationship, but did he completely get out from the box when the person who hurt him is still bothering him?

Person 8: He is trying to move on from the past relationship, trying and convincing others that he is ok but actually he is not.


Person 9: He has no peace of mind due to a property issue.

Person 10: His family is not in good health lately.

Person 11: He knows almost all he's doing are mistakes, he knows these are not good things to do, he knows he hurts someone, but he chooses to live this way, for in these things, he finds the happiness.

They all want a change. Why? What is happening in the universe? Is there an eclipse or some sort of issues in the alignment of the stars. Oh well, I do hope, all will be strong enough to conquer changes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Usaping Pag-Ibig

In English, Love talks...huh?! really?! love talks?...you're so corny nelda...andami mo mais...

Who wants to be corny anyway? Wala naman di ba. But we can't help to be corny basta LOVE ang topic. Di ba? Wag na magreact ang di agree. Because love is in the air...no... to be specific love problem is in the air, I have collected quotes and punchlines I've spoken and heard from my friends.

If you don't want to read corny lines...stop now.

"Ang totoong love walang time limit." --- Oracle
"Ang totoong love walang time limit except kay Tooot." - Us
"Ang worth-it na guy, di naaagaw." --- Joe
"If there is love, there is security NOT insecurity." --- Baktong
"Love. Learn. Live.(mantra in no particular order)." --- Mariposa
"Ang totoong love di nakakastress." --- Logic
"Ang LOVE parang MULTO, wag mo hanapin para makita mo." --- Edong
"Pag dumating tau sa game over sana makahanap tau ng bonus life." --- Mariposa
"Truth hurts, but toothache hurts more." --- Joe
"Di mo na maibabalik ang noon, walang ctrl+del ang life...move forward." --- Logic
"When you are down, there's no other way...except to go up." --- Logic
"Yun ang masakit eh, yung gusto mo sya alisin sa sitwasyong nagpapahirap sa kanya ng sobra pero alam mong wala kang magagawa." --- Unknown
"Love is the most precious gift that becomes a blessing when given to someone who deserves it." --- Logic
"Pablooming ka ng bonggang bongga. Dapat maging fan ka ng Mahal Kita Noon, Maglaway ka Ngayon." --- LoBak
"Ok lang naman kung di mo kayang mahalin, pero ang hindi ok, ang patuloy mong saktan." --- Baktong
"Mahirap pag ayaw na eh, mahirap pilitin ang sarili." --- Donkey
"Well, kung ginagawa mo naman lahat, baka naman hindi na ikaw ang nagkukulang." --- Joe
"Pwede mo naman ibigay ang lahat... pero wag mawawala ang worth mo." --- Unknown
"When you are begging for love, you know that you are not really loved." --- Unknown
"Ang kabaitan ay indi dapat sinusuklian ng pakikipagrelasyon." --- Unknown
"Jealousy is normal, pero ang makipagaway ng walang basehan ay abnormal." --- Unknown

Ilan lang po yan sa tumatak sa aking isipan. Indi man namen namalayan pero kami'y nakapagbitaw ng ganyan. Korni na kung korni, ang makatulong ang importante. Hangad lang name'y maayos ang lahat ng gusot. Hangad name'y sumaya ang mga pusong umiiyak. Itulot nawa ng Diyos na lumikha. Matuto nawa na umahon sa pagkakadapa.

Holy Crap!!! --- Joe

susyal noh...hahaha! segway

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is choosing the right haircut or hairstyle your dilemma? Do you want to look trendy but don't know how you're going to do it? Do you want an artistic curls or any kind of digiperm? Or simply want a new look and have a makeover?

Oh well, here's the solution to your problem. Go to Be@utybrick located at 122 Jupiter St. Doña Consolacion Building, Makati City, beside Red Ribbon bakeshop. Mr. Gi Jin Shin, the stylist and the owner, is a very skillful and so far the best stylist I've known. At first you will be confused whether he's a korean or japanese coz he speaks fluently using those languages.

Service is excellent. All staffs are accommodating, can speak and understand Korean and Japanese as well. They are efficient and fast worker too so you won't regret giving a bigger tip than you usually give to ordinary salons out there.

Facilities are good. The place is clean and the walls are artistically painted/designed. I love this part of be@utybrick.

There's also a shelf of magazines, table of magazines, cozy lights and this skateboard beside the sofa.

Me and my friends went here last Feb 12,2010 and we all give be@utybrick 2 thumbs up. Mr. Shin just knew the right haircut and style for you. The right length as well as right color for your hair. He turned dull-looking to fresh-vibrant hair. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Learn Other Languages...

...is HARD.

Argh! I really want to speak other Languages. It started when I was still in Elementary and reading pocketbooks was my hobby. Back then, I have a notebook where I wrote all Spanish and French phrases I encountered while reading pocketbooks. Sometimes a few Latin words I heard from Mamay as well. I think that notebook is still in one of my boxes in the house.

como esta usted... mi casa es su casa... te quiero... merci... bon voyage...

Those are few of the words I had wrote and saying 'i love you' in different languages. Hahaha! Of course I will find it in pocketbooks.

Now, I'm already 25 and I haven't master any of the two languages I have mentioned. Instead, from 2 languages, now I want to learn 3 more languages such as Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Oh well, some of you guys know already the reason behind it. Hahaha. I still use notebooks but since we are in digital world already so most of the tools are in softcopy or bookmarking the websites.

It's getting harder. Although I knew some common phrases such as hello, sorry, thank you, i love you, good morning, good evening, how are you, welcome, bye, yes or no in 4-5 languages, but it's still not enough. Where should I get the motivation? I am not working in a company who requires to speak any of them. I am not in the country which uses any of those languages. I don't have a Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean or Chinese friend. I have no reasons to learn these languages except...

... simply because I WANT TO.

Will this be enough? I hope so and I want to start with Mandarin. Wahahaha! :-)
I will read this blog again after 1-2yrs. Let's see if I did it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Since childhood, I kept on having nightmares or daymares(hihihi pangumaga kc). But they don't happen everyday. Most of the time pag indi ako nakapagpray before going to sleep. Some of them are bombing, ,explosions, a building collapsed and tsunamis.

Tsunamis and building that collapsed are the most common dreams. Most of the time yung place di nagbabago and yung height ng tsunami. Ang nagbabago lang ay yung mga nakakasama ko. Usually closed friends, family and relatives. May 1 time nanaginip ako na si ate at Jho nasa tuktok ng not so high big waves samantala kami ng tita ko tumatakbo palayo. Kadalasang place is smen sa Bikol, not near the beach pero kita ko ung tsunami at the top ng mga puno then we'll start to run. Minsan naman sa skul namen nung elem. Sa likod kc nun seawall at maingay tlga dagat dun.

Most of my dreams, the waves didn't hit me.Or kng abutan man ako hanggang bewang lang. Did I mention na nadudugtungan ko yung naputol na panaginip. Sometimes nagigising ako ng umiiyak or sobrang bilis ng heartbeat or kaya umihi na sa higaan.(ooops! nung bata pa ako nun ha).

However, kanina I slept at 5am and had a dream of tsunami again. Kita ko kung pano nawala yung tubig sa shore at umangat yung waves. For the first time, me and my lola had no time to run sa bilis ng mga pangyayari. I thought malulunod na kami but we survived. Two...three more waves pero this time nakakapit na kami. Next setting nagaayos na kmi ng gamit para lumikas then I saw how the high-rise building collapsed.

Then afterwards, a man walk towards us and said na kelangan na namen umalis kc gagawan ng kalsada dun sa kinatatayuan ng bahay namen. When I say NO, biglang may rocket then sumabog sya sa bahay namen. Wala kami nagawa kundi umalis bitbit ang aming gamit. THE END.

Then tok! tok! tok! Si ate anjan na. Bumili ng paninda bungad sken "di ka naglaba?!" hahaha! Ooops! I didn't mention pala na 3x na nadugtungan ang dream ko, 1st putol nung sabi dimple na papasok na sya, 2nd nung paalis na si ate, 3rd nung nagising ako na sobra bilis ng heartbeat ko.

Till now d ko pa rin alam kng bakit ganun lagi dreams ko. I don't know kng may kinalaman ung experience namen nung nagkatsunami sa bikol when I was 2yrs old. Kc mama and ate are experiencing the same. Kung susumahin cguro lawit na dila ko kakatakbo sa ilang beses na takbu ng takbo sa panaginip. Almost ending naman sa isang place na di mo akalain na nanggaling ka sa pagtakbo para makalayo sa tsunami. Good thing I have stopped peeing in the bed kundi cguro madalas ako naglalaba ng sapin. hahaha!

Monday, January 18, 2010

First Ever Pre-Nup Photoshoot

It's already a late post but I really want to share my first ever experience in Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot.

First of all, whenever I watched Teleserye or asian series, and if there are scenes that amazed me, I sometimes wish I am adirector, photographer or videographer(?) or even a script writer. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love owning a camera. At first I don't want to take photography seriously since it is one of the expensive hobbies/career. My primary reasons of buying a cam is just to capture memories from the lens. I only ended up with Canon 1000D because Bert and other friends told me to buy it.

Anyways, back to the prenup experience, at first I had asked Olga,
my classmate, if they are really serious. Well of course I know that wedding happens only once in a lifetime(unless there will be an expiration) and photos will be the memories left for reminiscing the moments.
That's why pics should be beautiful, with glow and romantic. I'm not confident enough if I can do that since I have no experience on prenup prior to this one and I will be using only my kit lens. Most of the prenup pics I saw are superb. But then they said it's ok so there it is.

Last Dec 12,2009, we went to La Mesa Eco Park at 9am together with one of the secondary sponsors(Mica) and the flower girl(Hali). And after that a few shots in techno Hub. Only 2 photos were taken there because the guard did not allow us
to take more shots :(. Below are the things we did.

  • On my part, I searched for the scenes I previously watched in asian dramas and have them printed so that I have a reference if ever i run out of ideas. I wanted to create a comedy yet romantic feeling on the prenup photos. The couple also printed sample prenup shots from the internet.
  • Bring 1-3 pairs of clothes/costumes. Of course this is a must if you don't want others to see your prenup(almost 100+ photos) wearing the same outfit.
  • Put a foundation and light make-up to match your outfit and so that you'll not look pale in the pictures. There are couples we saw in the park with 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists with them.(whoah! i felt like I am really not fit to do it)
  • Get a permit at the Admin Place near the entrance. I've read from digital photography forums that a permit is a must before you can start prenup photo shoot at Eco Park. Well it's true especially if you will be using a DSLR. The permit is just a form asking for the Studio Name/Company, name of the photographer(s), couple, some listed agreements and then you will be asked to pay the same amount as the entrance fee. If you're living in QC, never forget to bring your ID to avail the discount.
  • The couple and the photographer should be at ease with each other. Hahaha! I felt shy at first to tell them to pose like this or to do something because it's my first time and I don't know the couple too well. Good thing Olga and Mark are friendly and cheerful. We managed to become at ease and just enjoy what we are doing. Plus Hali is there to relieve our stress and tiredness? Actually we just feel it when we were packing and about to leave the park.
Thanks God Olga,Mark and Mica like the outputs of the photoshoot.
They get the original and volunteered to edit their own pics. Since I can't make it on the wedding day, I just created an AVP(just a slideshow with additional text and music) as a gift for them. They gave me a chance as well to get some pre-wedding photos on the hotel.

Overall results are two thumbs-up. Yehey! First Prenup is successful. All I can say is that the aura of the couple contributes a lot on the output of the photos.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lessons Learned Kagabi

At 2am, katatapos ko lang j****s at sina ate naman ay naglalaro ng Myster Case Files, a fire alarm broke the silence outside. At first akala namen alarm lng ng sasakyan kc d naman namen in-expect na may fire alarm sa katapat na apartment. But the first alarm followed by 2nd...3rd...

Kinabahan na kmi ni dimple kaya lumabas kami(Ewan namen pano kami nakalabas ng bahay na d namen naapakan sina mama sa sahig. Ang kinakatakot ko ng todo is ung magkasunog sa dulo ng iskinita so nung nakalabas kami dun ko agad tiningnan. Kahit papano nakahinga ako ng maluwag nung d dun nanggagaling kundi dun sa tapat namen. Pero since malapit sa poste kaya kinatakutan namen na madamay ung mga wires.

First thing to do is gisingin si mama at papa. As expected cguro dahil nagulat at sadyang nerbyosa si mama nangatog tlga sya. Si ate naman todo panic. Well expected na rin un kc nasunugan na sya sa dati nyang boarding house sa makati na ang natira lang sa kanya is kng ano ang suot nya. We grabbed all important things na makita namen at hinanda namen sa sala.

Pero sa awa ng Diyos d grumabe ung apoy. Don't know kng ano ngyari dun sa kabilang bahay sa likod ng katapat na apartment. All I know was nadamay ung 2 rooms sa apartment na un.

Marami kaming natutunan kagabi.

  1. Know the contact numbers of the nearest fire brigades. Kc kami ni dimple unang nakalabas sa street namen pero d kmi makakontak kc wala kmi numbers. We wanted to help pero wala kmi nagawa.
  2. Don't panic. Yan lagi dapat pero ang hirap pala i-apply. Kc ako mismo nagpanic ako nung bago ako nakalabas ng bahay. Gusto ko malaman agad kng san ung sunog pero mejo panic na utak ko. Si dimple kng anu ano nadampot...mismong alcohol naisilid nya sa bag. First tym kc nya makaencounter ng ganun. Si ate naman sinasabi nya na tumakbo na raw si mama at dimple. May trauma na kc sya sa sunog. Kahit sabhin namen ni papa na wag magpanic nagpanic pa rin sya kaya pinalabas namen sila para makita kng ano tlga sitwasyon.
  3. Keep important documents and things in one bag/box. Kanya kanya kami ng tago ng important documents namen so lahat kami kanya kanya ng kuha. Habang binabalik namen mga gamit, we decided na sa iisang lalagyan lahat ng docs namen.
  4. Dapat laging charge at may load ang cp. Para may pangkontak.
  5. Di dapat natutulog ng maaga. Hahaha! JOke lang. Shifting dapat ang tulog sabi ni Ate.
Dahil dito halos 4am na kami nakatulog. Syempre d ka naman pwede matulog ng mejo kinakabahan ka pa at nag-ayos na rin ng mga gamit. Plus masakit sa ilong ang usok. Buti na lang may natirang mask pa si mama. Bottomline pa rin, thanks God none was hurt.

Saturday, January 2, 2010