Monday, January 18, 2010

First Ever Pre-Nup Photoshoot

It's already a late post but I really want to share my first ever experience in Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot.

First of all, whenever I watched Teleserye or asian series, and if there are scenes that amazed me, I sometimes wish I am adirector, photographer or videographer(?) or even a script writer. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love owning a camera. At first I don't want to take photography seriously since it is one of the expensive hobbies/career. My primary reasons of buying a cam is just to capture memories from the lens. I only ended up with Canon 1000D because Bert and other friends told me to buy it.

Anyways, back to the prenup experience, at first I had asked Olga,
my classmate, if they are really serious. Well of course I know that wedding happens only once in a lifetime(unless there will be an expiration) and photos will be the memories left for reminiscing the moments.
That's why pics should be beautiful, with glow and romantic. I'm not confident enough if I can do that since I have no experience on prenup prior to this one and I will be using only my kit lens. Most of the prenup pics I saw are superb. But then they said it's ok so there it is.

Last Dec 12,2009, we went to La Mesa Eco Park at 9am together with one of the secondary sponsors(Mica) and the flower girl(Hali). And after that a few shots in techno Hub. Only 2 photos were taken there because the guard did not allow us
to take more shots :(. Below are the things we did.

  • On my part, I searched for the scenes I previously watched in asian dramas and have them printed so that I have a reference if ever i run out of ideas. I wanted to create a comedy yet romantic feeling on the prenup photos. The couple also printed sample prenup shots from the internet.
  • Bring 1-3 pairs of clothes/costumes. Of course this is a must if you don't want others to see your prenup(almost 100+ photos) wearing the same outfit.
  • Put a foundation and light make-up to match your outfit and so that you'll not look pale in the pictures. There are couples we saw in the park with 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists with them.(whoah! i felt like I am really not fit to do it)
  • Get a permit at the Admin Place near the entrance. I've read from digital photography forums that a permit is a must before you can start prenup photo shoot at Eco Park. Well it's true especially if you will be using a DSLR. The permit is just a form asking for the Studio Name/Company, name of the photographer(s), couple, some listed agreements and then you will be asked to pay the same amount as the entrance fee. If you're living in QC, never forget to bring your ID to avail the discount.
  • The couple and the photographer should be at ease with each other. Hahaha! I felt shy at first to tell them to pose like this or to do something because it's my first time and I don't know the couple too well. Good thing Olga and Mark are friendly and cheerful. We managed to become at ease and just enjoy what we are doing. Plus Hali is there to relieve our stress and tiredness? Actually we just feel it when we were packing and about to leave the park.
Thanks God Olga,Mark and Mica like the outputs of the photoshoot.
They get the original and volunteered to edit their own pics. Since I can't make it on the wedding day, I just created an AVP(just a slideshow with additional text and music) as a gift for them. They gave me a chance as well to get some pre-wedding photos on the hotel.

Overall results are two thumbs-up. Yehey! First Prenup is successful. All I can say is that the aura of the couple contributes a lot on the output of the photos.

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