Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing! Awesome!

The two words I said about the BMW Welt experience. Ok I am not into cars, I don’t know the parts of it, I only know few brands, and I don’t want it that much(maybe in the future…hehehe). However, after seeing the BMW factory, I bought a car…

…of course a toy car(X6) from the BMW shop. Haha!

I really wanted to buy the small BMW X3 white, the newest type which will be released this year, but costs €28. L

Creating 45 thousand cars per year is not a joke, which means 120 cars/day must be produced. How do they do this?

Robotics(I don’t know if the term is confidential, I hope not). Almost everything is automatic and computerized from creating the frame, engagement, marriage, up to the wedding. Well that is their terms for that. Unfortunately, I can’t share the whole procedures here and taking photos are not allowed. I know now why BMW cars are very expensive.

BMW Welt(World) became one of the landmarks in Munich because of it’s unique architecture.

Inside the building are of course cars, shops, restaurant, exhibition area, and a private area where customers are entertained and given a chance to test their new car. The other two buildings are the BMW factory and BMW museum.

They call this the first stone of BMW because, when it was built, some of the invited guests wrote their wishes and put them in this stone.

Today is my first indoor RS-Munich/Singapore outing participated by 32 people: 27+2(kids) from Munich and 3 from Singapore. A guided tour in the BMW Welt held from 8:30am-1:30pm. Thanks to my colleague here in Munich for arranging this private tour. This is really a unique experience to see live the step by step in developing a BMW car.

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