Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neuschwanstein: My Castle

Seeing the album of my friend/officemate, Zann, makes me want to go there again.

The first time I saw this castle, I fell inlove and said to myself, "I must go there on my first trip, come what may."

Ok short introduction of Neuschwanstein.

a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near F├╝ssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and as a homage to Richard Wagner. Contrary to common belief, Ludwig paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and extensive borrowing, not with Bavarian public funds (see below).

The palace was intended as a personal refuge for the reclusive king, but it was opened to the paying public immediately after his death in 1886.[1] Since then over 60 million people have visited Neuschwanstein Castle.[2] More than 1.3 million people visit annually, with up to 6,000 per day in the summer.[3] The palace has appeared prominently in several movies and was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle[4] and later, similar structures.

Finally, last Dec 11, 2010, inspite of just Me and Tan Yin(my singapore colleague) and bad weather due to heavy snow fall, we still went to Neuschwanstein.

When we reached the foot of the hill where the castle is, my heart was filled with so much joy and wish Bert, closed friends and family were there with me on that moment. ok eksag much lang!

Although the road were slippery and wet and the surroundings were covered with snow, we didn't care. We still walk going uphill and amazed when we reached the top.

Too bad the best spot to see the castle is closed due to thick snow and only experts and professionals are allowed. This is the view from the bridge but this pic was taken two months ago. Summer time.

King Ludwig really had chosen the perfect location for his castle. This castle can be viewed from his window in the Royal Palace called Hohenscwhangau, the yellow figure on the left. During sunset it's as if in the spotlight and at night becomes the only lighted thing in the hill. Not to mention the breathtaking view from the castle.

But the interior of the castle is not that impressive compared to King Ludwig's palace. Maybe because it is unfinished.

Oh by the way Neuschwanstein comes from the words: Neu Schwan Stein which means New Swan Stone. So you can actually see swans figures around these area.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kaartehan Ko

Di ko alam kung kelan nagsimulang maconscious ako sa mga sinusuot ko. Siguro kasi ang hirap ko damitan. Cge na nga, di kasi maganda ang hubog ng aking pangangatawan. At aminin naman naten na sa mga department stores at boutique mas marami binebenta para sa mga slim. Di naman ako slim pero di naman plus size. At higit sa lahat andaming di kaaya-ayang parte ng katawan na kelangan wag ipangalandakan. Haha!

Dahil dito gusto ko talagang ako na lang gagawa ng mga damit ko. Pero bata pa ako gusto ko na talaga maggagawa ng mga damit...na papel para sa manika. haha! Siguro karamihang girls pinagdaanan un. Kaso pag malaki ka na dapat meron kang...

Fashion design skills? x
Marunong magdrawing? x
Marunong manahi? xMga kagamitan? x

Wala man lang check. Haha!Wag na nga lang. Ayoko kasi ng maraming kaparehong damit. Di naman sa indi ako sumusunod sa uso. Nakikiuso rin naman ako with a twist nga lang. At higit sa lahat gusto ko yung suswak naman sken at keri ko dalhin. At yung tipong sa pananamit makikita mo kung anong personalidad meron ka. Siguro mahilig lang talaga ako sa mga customized. Yung tipong may effort kesa sa binili lang.

Andami ko na palang kaartehan. Buti pa nung Naldo pa ako...maluwang na tshirt, pants at rubbershoes lang at maigsing buhok...solved na! Haha!

Ay naku maitigil na nga tong pagtatype ko at baka kung anu ano pang masabi ko. Pero bago yan, ipapakita ko lang ang aking nicombine na mga parts para makabuo ng damit. Thanks to Design Your Dress.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Passion Run: Our First Run

Just this year, I was diagnosed with migraine and vertigo, likewise, when I came back from Germany I experienced to lose my voice and heel pains(until now), plus, I know I am obviously gaining weight. So this calls for a change in LIFESTYLE.

I decided to run around Bedok Reservoir at least every Saturday. But I need some motivations. Doing this alone, I know for sure, it will be another failure. Bert always pushes me to make it happen. Last March/April, when I am still in Germany, Bert registered me to join the 100Plus Passion Run 2011 to be held on May 21. Since I came back, together with JhoWa, we constantly run in Bedok Reservoir for 4.2km every week.

Today is the event. Since we are on the 5km Fun/Chance Run, we are scheduled to start around 6:20pm at East Coast Park. We arrived earlier to change the sizes of our running tees.

East Coast is purely cemented which is a total opposite of Bedok which, in my opinion, is harder or have more pressure on the feet. I don't know which of these factors: red bull I drink before the run, not so flat road or improper start speed; cause me to have a stomach cramps before I reach 2km. Because of this, I was forced to walk and catch my breath. I continued to jog este run after 2km, but to be honest, I was too tired, can hardly speak, can hardly breathed and got scared when we saw someone lying on the road with the first-aid medics around him. Jho is not talking anymore and her upper body is getting reddish. Wali and Bert kept on telling us "ano todo na? malapit na lang oh. Konti na lang(pero malayo pa tlga)." As a result I raised my voice and tell Bert, "Mauna ka na kaya!!!" Later did I know that Jho was also annoyed with Wali and to us when we run faster on the last 500m and even faster on the last 100m.

Since we run so fast, we didn't notice that we went on the wrong lane on the finish line. Someone handed us a finishing medal and was so happy about it and because I really need a water, we didn't check the medal and the run ends. Jho and Wali were still on the road so I told Bert to wait for them. When they arrived, I asked why they don't have the medal. Wali went back to the finish line area. That's when I check the medal. Whoah! 25km! 5km runner will not receive any medal. Hahaha! So embarassed that I quickly hide it in the bag. Well, it's a good souvenir.
After this, we went to Bedok Interchange to treat ourselves for a yummy dinner in Antons. Next run will be in July for women only while bert+Bedok boys will run on Mizuno next month. Hopefully we can do this once every quarter.

---Thanks God we survived the first(except Bert) run.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Ever wonder if you are on the right track? Did you question yourself if what you're doing is really what you like? Are you going crazy over thinking of what if and what if? Or feel helpless with the pressure of responsibilities and dreams?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Laking problema naman yan. But i will not answer those questions. Eh wala naman sa akin ang sagot eh. One last question, which is you in these 3 characters?

Pretense. A person who follows what other people wants him to be and forgets what he really likes. The person who doesn't want to disappoint others, thus, never listens to his heart.

Fear. A person who follows his passion but too afraid to fail and commit mistakes. A person who feels too much pressure and always pray to ask favors. One reason, fear of tomorrow.

Passion. A person who's carefree but will choose his passion over good reputation. A person who's not chasing the success but aims to continuously improve in his chosen path.

If you're one of them , then how can you do your best, if your heart is not on what you are doing? If so many fears for tomorrow, how can you live for today? If you don't have a good reputation, then how can you make your passion your profession?

Follow your heart. Forget your fears. Correct your mistakes. Move forward.

---this blog is inspired by the 3 Idiots, a super duper long bollywood movie

Monday, March 7, 2011


I hope I got the right term for this event. Fasching is Munich's term for Carnival. But this is not the same as the carnival we have in Philippines. Today, 06.03.2011, I go to Marienplatz alone to witness this event for the first time.

There are so many people dressed in their comical costume; people wearing silly but cute headbands, different types of nose, hats, wigs; and some painted their faces. First impression, it's a combination of cosplay and carnival in Philippines. Konfetti(confetti) is everywhere too. Children and adults have plastic full of confetti and they will throw it to their friends and strangers(and I'm not an exception) .

There are many fancy stalls selling sausages, pretzels, mandeln, fries, burgers, costumes, Fasching accessories, gluwein, beers, etc. No wonder you can see some drunk people walking in zigzag.
Main event, i think, is the concerts/performers in front of Rathaus and the crowd will dance, sing, laugh together with their friends/families. I love this part and wish I have someone/group beside me doing these also. In order not to spoil the mood, picture here picture there, smile here smile there, tap my feet and move my head to the beat of the music.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!

Why am I writing a blog about my mom?
-When we were still in Bikol, my sisters and I used to buy greeting cards and will put it under her pillow or on her cabinet. Ok we are not good at expressing our feelings personally. At dahil modern times na, so internet na ngayon ang way. Hehe!

Why English?
-Gusto ko mag-English eh. Joke. Because I think this blog will be more dramatic pag Tagalog. Hihihi!

Mama is the first reason why I believe in miracles, in the power of prayers and faith in God. Why?
-Mama got very sick and was bedridden for couple of years after she gave birth to me. But look at her now, chubby mama na sya who do all the household chores on weekdays.

Mama was rarely seen in our school and even the day we graduated. She had never escorted me in receiving my awards and accomplishments. She was always in the crowd silently watching us. Reason was because she's ashamed of her looks and the way she walks. But we don't mind at all. She may not be as normal as other mothers out there, but she can do beyond her capabilities. Proof? I have a younger sister. Si panget! hahaha! peace Dimple.

So to my extraordinary Mama, happy happy birthday po! And as usual I wish you better health and more years to celebrate. I miss you. Hehehe! Pa-DHL na lang po ng handa. God bless you always po! :*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Past, The Present and The Future

Ok mejo late na yung blog ko pero syempre habol pa rin sa aking yearly blog. As usual topic is 2010 and 2011. Pano ko ba sisimulan?

Well 2010 has been bad and good to me. Bad kasi I experienced a lot of failures from March to September. But I can't really consider them bad kasi during those times, nalaman ko andami ko true friends and for the first time I got the full support of my family when I decided to follow what I want. Selfish act that if I failed, apektado syempre family. Anyways, all of you know that already and thinking of these moments make me smile, as in grin!

When it rains, it pours! Last Nov 7, 2009, I wish for something new and God granted my wish. I experienced lots of new things this year, in every aspects of my life. So much blessings that I can't contain them anymore.

2010 was also the travel year for me. I've been to 5 countries in a year na dati masaya na ako kung makaisa. Hehe! Sumabit ako sa family ni Bert sa HK, nag-SG para maghanap work, nagGermany para magtraining, nagAustria at Malaysia para mamasyal.

Christmas in Philippines is really exceptional. For the first time, wala ako binuksang regalo but it doesn't mean wala ako narecv gifts, di nga lang nakabalot. At sa mga nagbigay, salamuch! I hope next Christmas and New Year makauwi ako ng Pinas.

Currently, Im facing the challenge of my new job. But I know I can do this! Kahit di sing-galing ng mga kasama ko, at least I am learning at darating din ako sa state nila. I just have to do my best again.

So this 2011, the year of thanksgiving, clearing debts, and start building our house. hahaha! Baon sa utang sa nagdaang taon kaya kelangan bumawi. Thanksgiving sa new blessings. Hopefully, mastart na ang bahay na matagal ko na gusto magkaron. New year's resolution ko pa rin ang pumayat(grabe ilang taon ko ng new year's resolution to) and maging productive sa lahat ng gagawin ko.

May we all have another gorgeous, unique, blessed and super good 2011. Keep smiling and be positive always. Let me end this blog by saying, Thank you Lord for the wonderful 2010!