Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama!

Why am I writing a blog about my mom?
-When we were still in Bikol, my sisters and I used to buy greeting cards and will put it under her pillow or on her cabinet. Ok we are not good at expressing our feelings personally. At dahil modern times na, so internet na ngayon ang way. Hehe!

Why English?
-Gusto ko mag-English eh. Joke. Because I think this blog will be more dramatic pag Tagalog. Hihihi!

Mama is the first reason why I believe in miracles, in the power of prayers and faith in God. Why?
-Mama got very sick and was bedridden for couple of years after she gave birth to me. But look at her now, chubby mama na sya who do all the household chores on weekdays.

Mama was rarely seen in our school and even the day we graduated. She had never escorted me in receiving my awards and accomplishments. She was always in the crowd silently watching us. Reason was because she's ashamed of her looks and the way she walks. But we don't mind at all. She may not be as normal as other mothers out there, but she can do beyond her capabilities. Proof? I have a younger sister. Si panget! hahaha! peace Dimple.

So to my extraordinary Mama, happy happy birthday po! And as usual I wish you better health and more years to celebrate. I miss you. Hehehe! Pa-DHL na lang po ng handa. God bless you always po! :*


  1. You are sweet to do that for your mother! Ducks take pictures of ducks. lol random words spawn creativity. What else do you feel, what are your desires, goals and secret aspirations? .. See you around!

  2. NICE