Monday, March 7, 2011


I hope I got the right term for this event. Fasching is Munich's term for Carnival. But this is not the same as the carnival we have in Philippines. Today, 06.03.2011, I go to Marienplatz alone to witness this event for the first time.

There are so many people dressed in their comical costume; people wearing silly but cute headbands, different types of nose, hats, wigs; and some painted their faces. First impression, it's a combination of cosplay and carnival in Philippines. Konfetti(confetti) is everywhere too. Children and adults have plastic full of confetti and they will throw it to their friends and strangers(and I'm not an exception) .

There are many fancy stalls selling sausages, pretzels, mandeln, fries, burgers, costumes, Fasching accessories, gluwein, beers, etc. No wonder you can see some drunk people walking in zigzag.
Main event, i think, is the concerts/performers in front of Rathaus and the crowd will dance, sing, laugh together with their friends/families. I love this part and wish I have someone/group beside me doing these also. In order not to spoil the mood, picture here picture there, smile here smile there, tap my feet and move my head to the beat of the music.



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