Friday, April 22, 2011


Ever wonder if you are on the right track? Did you question yourself if what you're doing is really what you like? Are you going crazy over thinking of what if and what if? Or feel helpless with the pressure of responsibilities and dreams?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Laking problema naman yan. But i will not answer those questions. Eh wala naman sa akin ang sagot eh. One last question, which is you in these 3 characters?

Pretense. A person who follows what other people wants him to be and forgets what he really likes. The person who doesn't want to disappoint others, thus, never listens to his heart.

Fear. A person who follows his passion but too afraid to fail and commit mistakes. A person who feels too much pressure and always pray to ask favors. One reason, fear of tomorrow.

Passion. A person who's carefree but will choose his passion over good reputation. A person who's not chasing the success but aims to continuously improve in his chosen path.

If you're one of them , then how can you do your best, if your heart is not on what you are doing? If so many fears for tomorrow, how can you live for today? If you don't have a good reputation, then how can you make your passion your profession?

Follow your heart. Forget your fears. Correct your mistakes. Move forward.

---this blog is inspired by the 3 Idiots, a super duper long bollywood movie