Thursday, November 8, 2007

~Housemates' MV of You Are The Music In Me~

This entry is part of my 23rd birthday celebration. Sandra, my friend who will be celebrating her birthday on Nov 9, didn't greet me until 7:30pm. I'm becoming sad thinking of her when suddenly I got a message from her. "Happy Birthday Naldo!!! Sorry late ang bati ko kc naglelabor ako kanina and at 5:30 I gave birth to Euclede." I forgot that her due date starts on my birthday. Next year, for sure, I will be at the kidz party celebrating with my godson, Euclede. Hehehe!

On the night of my day, Bert and some of my friends, prepared a small banquet at Koya's house. A common birthday surprise scenario. They were already there, turned the lights off and greeted me as me and Bert arrived. Myra gave me a sparkling eyeshadow and a perfume which is mild but fragrant while Jho bought me a monkey stuffed toy! But the uncommon things were, the video greeting of bert's little nieces as well as the presentations Bert have made. A picture slideshow with The Love I Found In You as the background music. You can watch it here. He's not good at it so I didn't expect he'll make one for me and I really appreciate it. I was teary-eyed while watching the video. Hehehe! So cheesy you may say but I love it! Likewise, the housemates (bert,cuteyz,zhel and may)have prepared a music video as their gift for me. It's so cool. I never expected they could do such thing. They said they had made it from 10 or 11pm till 3am. hahaha! Bravo guys! Thanks a lot. Enjoy as you watch them.

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