Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~Berks @ Muchos~

Muchos KTV Bar and Restaurant, Ortigas - November 16 - 17, 2007

I just want to share this event to those people who weren't able to come. Initial plan, November birthday celebrators will celebrate their birthdays with berks @muchos but Drew got sick, Sandra is still on maternity rest and Pao wasn't permitted to take a leave. We've estimated that at least 15 will join us but the actual headcount is 12. Anyways, what's new? Hehehe! Berks will confirm if they can't attend an event on the day of the event already, it saddens me at first but as we started the celebration, my mood switches from being sad to extra hyper. Hahaha! I'm always like this especially in KTV room that's why some would think, I was drunk.

So much about me already, lets proceed to the event. At 8pm, Me and Bert went to SM Megamall Foodcourt to fetch Fluxion people, Eds and Muller, but only Mullah went with us since the rest are still eating their dinner because they thought there will be no food in muchos. hihihi! When we arrived at muchos, Leng was already there. Our reservation is from 8pm - 11pm plus a 1 hour extra if ever we decided to extend. We arrived 20min late already, as usual again, Berks are late comers. Fluxion people, eds, dan and yel arrived at nine while Jho and Wali were minutes after them.

As far as food is concern, we ordered beer partners like crispy pata, camaron rebusado, french fries, nilasing na hipon, pork sisig, chicharon bulaklak etc and some rice meals such as sizzling chicken and sinigang na bangus. This was my first time @muchos with Berks as my ka-gimik and as expected most are very hyper on that time. But Dan and Yel left before 11pm so they missed some of the fun. How much more those who didn't come. Hahaha!

We go dancing while singing(I think yelling is more appropriate... hehehe!), laughing so loud, and other craziness. Hahaha! We have recorded some and uploaded the videos. Here are some of them: Build Me Up, Livin La Vida Loca, Roll, Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now and Don't Speak. I have converted the video format from AVI to Mpeg so sorry guys for the low quality of those videos. Likewise, such moment must be captured so see photos here. We've consumed the extra 1 hour but still wasn't able to sing all the songs we've entered and left muchos at 12:30.

After this, Me, Leng and Roll stayed in Housemates' boarding house. More chats with May while we watched the videos and photos and at last we've got tired and sleepy at 2:30am. Before we sleep, Dan sent a message saying that he's inviting us for his birthday celebration at his house in the afternoon. Gosh! Leng, Me and Roll went home at 12pm of Nov. 17. hehehe! Still undecided whether we'll go at Dan's house because we're afraid to be scolded by our parents plus the tasks I should be doing every Saturday. I was so confused that time but finally, Me and Bert decided to go. We waited for Riza at Robinsons Pioneer but at 6pm, Dan told us not to go anymore coz it's already late. Hehehe!
(whew! at last I have finished writing this blog. It takes me 3days to finish it due to busyness at work.)

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  1. hey guys sorry if my thoughts are not organized here...hehehe! paputul-putol kc ako magsulat...grammar check? i wasn't able to do that also. hehehe!