Wednesday, November 7, 2007

~My 23rd Birthday~

Today, I am celebrating my 23-year in this whole wide world. First of all, I want to thank God for bringing the best in me and molding me into the person He wants me to be. Likewise hikab, my family and friends who never fail to greet me for almost 23 years. You guys really make my birthday so special. (Ahuahuahu!) My day goes this way...

At midnight between Nov 6 and 7, some of my friends and Hikab called and sent greetings/wishes. At 1:30am, unexpectedly Paolo called to say "Happy Birthday!". This is the first time he talked to me after the wrath. We both were born on the same day(am i correct?) but he's celebrating it the next day. But I want to greet you Pao a happy birthday also.

I woke up at 5am coz I need to get my NBI clearance in Carriedo, Quaipo. I went to Bert's boarding house and he gave me a card with a pen(but looks like a keychain) inside. Touching! touching! Lan also greets me half-awake and yawning. Hahaha! Then we went to Quaipo at 6:30am. Thanks God my name was already cleared after 10 yrs. Hehehe! We grabbed the opportunity to drop by in Quaipo church, lighted a red candle, prayed while the mass is going on and afterwards, the priest blessed us all.

I arrived in the office very early and my officemates who were already there, stopped from what they're doing and greeted me warmly. More greetings from my friends popped in my windows as I logged on to YM, Friendster messages from tembong and my friends and most of all the email I received from Erik. Waaah!!! I was teary-eyed while reading it. Thanks so much! Some of my officemates were dashing towards my area and frightened me with their greetings. Whew! My heart is always out of its place. Hahahaha!

OMG!!! Guys, check it out. Ruby's birthday gift for me. Thank you so much mama rubz. Huhuhu! I really appreciate it so much.

My officemates let me celebrate with them my day by taking our lunch in Kenny Rogers @ Mega. It isn't my treat but I'm so glad many of them decided to join us because originally, my teammates planned to have a lunch out together. But in the end, other teams and close officemates come with us. Thank you guys.

Many good things happened today. First, after our lunch out I received a message from Leng. Unexpectedly, like Pao, we talked as if there's no gap between us. Secondly, I have already opened an account in BDO. After two weeks, finally, it succeeds. Hehehe!

Last event that took place on my birthday was Koya's housemates surprise for me. I'll be posting this event on my next entry.

To sum up my birthday celebration, it's so wonderful, great, fantastic and one of my memorable birthdays. Thanks peeps!


  1. ¡Tienes un día muy dichoso, Nelda!

  2. wat mean ng tines un dia? muy dichoso is very happy right?

  3. otanjoubi gozaimasu nelda-san :)

    check out my blog, i got a post for you [titled: happy birthday nelda!] hehe.. you better link it to your blog and show it to your friends ;)

  4. ang ganda ng pagkakagawa mo mama rubz...salamat ng marami ha.

  5. so desu...muchas gracias...OMG!!!

  6. ¡Tienes un día muy dichoso, Nelda!


    Have a very happy day Nelda. :)

    Tienes = You have. =)