Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi

What's so special this 2008 Chinese New Year? Wala naman. Joke! Hehehe! Actually I can tell you some reasons coz this year is different from the previous Chinese New Years.

  • For the first time, nakakita ako ng Dragon Parade. Yihiiii! Dati kc sa boob tube ko lang nakikita yun but just this morning, I saw one in the lobby of the Orient Square building. Sad to say, I don't have a camera and I was the only one watching without a digicam or a celfone w/ cam.
  • Since Anne wasn't here anymore, nobody will give me a fortune cookie. Waaah! I miss you Anne.
  • Papa put 2 horse' sacks on our doorstep. Hehehe! Paswerte daw yun sabi ng amo nyang Chinese.
  • Papa didn't bring any tikoy this year. Hehehe! Wala na kasi kaming ref baka daw masira.
  • This is my year, Year of the Rat!
Ayun lamang! To everyone, KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! May all the luck and blessings you deserved, be with you.


  1. year of the rat kah pala.. balita koh astig daw mga year of the rat.. good leaders.. work oriented.. hindi tulad nameng mga year of the pig, mostly mga laidback persons.. hahaha!! mabuhay ang mga daga!! bumenta kaya album ng keso ngayong taon? haha!! related?

  2. ha? panong naging year of the pig ka? db 1984 ka rin?

    mabuhay ang mga daga!! << nakupu! sana indi dumami ang daga smen! wahahaha!

    album ng keso? meron bang banda na ganun?

  3. ask ko lang po na, does the year of a person's birth affects that person's actions and mind? Horoscope is regarded as divination, and divination and all sorts of magic is prohibited according to Bible yet many people still follow the path of horoscope, why is that? Curious lang po.

  4. yung horoscope kc wala namang pangit na sinabi about sa isang tao eh...i dnt bliv totally in horoscope, it's a coincidence na lang cguro...if u ask me if it affects characters, of course not, experiences and lessons learned as well as the society and family contribute a lot to mold the personality. I believe in God more than the horoscope. well, i'm speaking of myself, don't know the opinion of others.