Thursday, February 14, 2008

To My Valentine

WARNING: This entry is somewhat cheesy pero since uso naman yan this day, pagbigyan nyo na ako. Pero bago yan let me greet you a very HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY!
I made a poem inspired by Mellow Myx(Your Choice Your Music) for my Valentine.

Precious friends and families, I possess
As if God handed me silver platters
So blessed, so simple, so happy
Who could tell a single space is empty

I have an unrequited love, "God help me!"
Changed my heart if we're not meant to be
My prayers, God didn't ever heard
Sent a man not my type instead

I try not to fall so suddenly
Deny and fight my destiny
But God works miraculously
I find myself enjoying his company

Love is in the air, I couldn't breathed
So afraid, to risk or not to risk
Finally, I put my heart in his care
Slowly if not completely fears disappear

My life turns upside down
I lose faith, I demand a lot
It saddened and tore you apart
Still you understand and hold me tight

You're my bestfriend as well as my clown
Make me laugh whenever i frown
You complete me it's so true
That's the love I found in you

Now it's 29 months and 3 days
Since my heart had it's biggest twist
To witness many relationships fell, we feared
"Please don't! God guide us!", we prayed

Thanks for filling that empty space
For putting my heart in the right place
This Valentine, no expensive gifts bought
Just a poem more precious than a gold.


  1. ang ganda po ng poem, lalo na sa may last part.

  2. thanks J James, hehehe! minsan lang ako gumawa ng poem...thanks