Friday, January 16, 2009

My 2008 and 2009 Dove Chocolates Messages

2008, can't remember the exact date, Frangy gave us Dove chocolates and each chocolate has message. I have kept 2 of the chocolates he gave and these were the thoughts inside them
Two chocolates have different message but almost have the same thought, "To be happy." Hmmm, well I have followed the message naman. I tried to smile and be happy naman kahit na madami sad moments nangyari last august and before holiday season.

2009, Jan 16. Ercel gave another Dove chocolates and I got two again. Below are the messages which have same thought also, "My presence is a better gift than spending money." Hmmm, let's see sa 2010 kng this message is applicable to me. Hahaha!

Thanks Frangy and Ercel for the yummy chocs pala. Hehehe!

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