Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Learn Other Languages... HARD.

Argh! I really want to speak other Languages. It started when I was still in Elementary and reading pocketbooks was my hobby. Back then, I have a notebook where I wrote all Spanish and French phrases I encountered while reading pocketbooks. Sometimes a few Latin words I heard from Mamay as well. I think that notebook is still in one of my boxes in the house.

como esta usted... mi casa es su casa... te quiero... merci... bon voyage...

Those are few of the words I had wrote and saying 'i love you' in different languages. Hahaha! Of course I will find it in pocketbooks.

Now, I'm already 25 and I haven't master any of the two languages I have mentioned. Instead, from 2 languages, now I want to learn 3 more languages such as Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Oh well, some of you guys know already the reason behind it. Hahaha. I still use notebooks but since we are in digital world already so most of the tools are in softcopy or bookmarking the websites.

It's getting harder. Although I knew some common phrases such as hello, sorry, thank you, i love you, good morning, good evening, how are you, welcome, bye, yes or no in 4-5 languages, but it's still not enough. Where should I get the motivation? I am not working in a company who requires to speak any of them. I am not in the country which uses any of those languages. I don't have a Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean or Chinese friend. I have no reasons to learn these languages except...

... simply because I WANT TO.

Will this be enough? I hope so and I want to start with Mandarin. Wahahaha! :-)
I will read this blog again after 1-2yrs. Let's see if I did it.


  1. Ohayo!! ako rin, gusto koh matuto ng nihonggo.. nag umpisa un nung ginawang licensed ung binabantayan kong anime tas wala nah nagsusub!! Wahehehehe!! Feeling koh kelangan koh matuto magnihonggo para makontento sa raws..

    Hindi naman tau matututo overnight so ginawa koh, one step at a time. Google ng Japanese Course, para me outline kah ng uunahin.. :p

    At syempre dapat gamitin mu rin araw araw para hindi mu makalimutan. Bago aku kumain, lage koh sinasabe ung 'Itadakimasu!!'


  2. hahaha! oo nga dapat gamitin lagi... tama yan sabihin lagi ang "Itadakimasu". Mga adik tlga ako kaya naman nadagdagan dahil din sa mga naime at asian novela...mga adik tayo..hahaha!

    Ganbatte kudasai!!!