Monday, April 21, 2008

A Must-To-Answer Survey

Lately, I just realized how hard it is to decide where to enroll and what course to take in College. It's a heavy burden to those people who are not intelligent and blessed financially enough to go for the Top 4 Universities in NCR(UP, Ateneo, UST, LaSalle). Of course, when you can't enroll to any of those universities, you need to look for other schools which meet the following requirements:
    1. Low or reasonable enough tuition fee
    2. High quality of Education
    3. Safe Location
    4. Has 2 of your chosen courses
Due to these requirements, I am using my blog to get a help from you by giving me schools who meet the requirements above. At least give me 5 schools and rank them 1-5 or so on who have BSCS/BSIT and list of schools leading in Nursing. Please exclude from the options the top 4 universities I mentioned above. Hehehe! Likewise, exclude also Polytechnic University of the Philippines(PUP), coz I know it's the best choice of school for BSIT/BSCS for me based on the requirements above and this is the ultimate but uncertain option I have now. Hehehe!

For those who can't think of any schools, you can rank the following universities/colleges:
Thanks in advance to those who will reply on my entry. :D


  1. PUP.. oopss.. sorry, dito kasi grad ung the best senior ko dito sa VFI.

  2. nyak!!! 3 lang kmi d2 na graduate ng PUP eh...ahaha!

    pero d kasama yan eh...kinamotafu, bgyan mo nmn ako ng ibang skuls..

  3. hmm.. New Era University, nice place very accessible at super secure, nice people, hindi ako sure kung maganda quality sa facilities sa computer studies at sa educators dito kasi bata pa ang computer education dito dito..

  4. try New Era University, nice place, super sa security, nice people, pero di ako sure sa quality ng facilities sa computer studies at sa mga educators

  5. ok cge check ko mamaya ung website at mga forums/reviews sa NEU...thanks :D

  6. so wat na ang result? bat ka nga pala naghahanap ng schools? para ba sa kapatid mo?

  7. hmm, naiintriga tlga ako sau kinamotafu...cno ka ba tlga? hehehe! ayaw mo ba magpakilala?
    pero cge sasagutin ko mga tanong mo..

    so wat na ang result? << wala kc ikaw lang ang bukod tanging sumagot sa survey ko...ang saya noh...gosh!

    bat ka nga pala naghahanap ng schools? para ba sa kapatid mo? << yep para sa kanya nga yun...hehehe!

  8. Ako lang kasi siguro ang di-busy dito.

  9. hahaha! salamat pa rin sa pagkocomment..