Thursday, October 25, 2007

~Connie Talbot~

Hey! Do you know Connie Talbot? Well, maybe a lot of people know this 6-year old girl. A Britain's Got Talent 2007 finalist who touches the heart of the people listening as she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Ben. I started to like her the very first time I heard her sing. I was so amazed coz she sings with heart but with an innocent look on her face. No doubt she's been called as "The Best 6-year old Singer of the World". She may have flaws while singing but if you think of her age, all you can say is "Amazing!". For those who don't know her yet, check this video and experience the charm on her as she sings.

Connie has her own site made by her fans. Check this site. Gosh! Too young to be a world-class celebrity with lots of fans. hehehe! Simon Cowell, one of the judges on Britain's Got Talent 2007 had promised her to be an artist of Sony BMG but the company changed their mind for a reason that she's still too young for the job. HOWEVER, In October 2007, it was reported that Connie had signed with the Rainbow Recording Company for a six figure deal. (OMG!!!) The target date of release is on November 26, and music experts are predicting that it could possibly be the Christmas number 1. (such a lucky girl!)

Watch also her video during the final stage.

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