Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~The Longest Comment~

First of all, I made this blog to acknowledge Ruby for this funny yet very comforting comment she has made on one of my entries. Why funny? because her comment is longer than my post. Hahaha!
naku nelda, d ko man naiintindihan ang sinasabi mo, nauunawaan naman kita.

i have seen you many times, staring at your laptop monitor, typing on the keyboards so fast like your fingers have their own mind - knowing which keys to press one after another, once or twice tears would fall, you're too serious with whoever on the other end of that YM conversation that you have, so engulf with the emotion flowing inside you, unmindful of your surrounding and the people who could have been wondering what's going on with you.

you have been too involved with the situation, that is because you act what a friend should do. you tried to reached them, or him, because you feel it is what is asked of you. as a person, as a friend, you acted responsibly, easing the pain of a hurt person, comforting his grief. but remember that people who are in such state are either blind or deaf or even both that they've been impaired to perform right reasoning. it's not that he couldn't but wouldn't see the goodness you're trying to impart on him, and result to more misunderstanding.

this is very normal to high schooler. i don't think this should be the case when one have grown, specially, one who is out of college and now is working. for the sake of life, you have yours to live with. you know very well you have your own problems, worries and issues to handle and resolve. it is not like before that life could go on with families, schools and friends. your horizons has broaden. and so is his. he must learn to deal with it his way and on his own.

sometimes you just have to release his hand, and let him go. so he would grow and learn. it is perhaps that he is over reacting to all of this because you're giving the attention that he so wanted. that outcast thing is just a call for attention. it is not suppose to be a big issue or become a big thing. once told he is not an outcast should be enough. now it's his turn to do his part to rekindle the atmosphere of friendship with the whole group. he's the one to reach out with the group, not the other way around. and if the group or you is reaching for him, he must then open his arms and accept it without doubt that it is true friendship being offered.

i believe you have done your part, and there's nothing else you could do for him, unless he help himself and realize what he is missing. he is missing life per se.

ay ang haba na pala neto :D


Thanks so much Ruby. I really appreciated it and I will do what you had said. Hope you'll always share your opinions here. muah!


  1. don't worry nelda, i'll always share my views when ever i have one to tell ;) just keep up the good work, and you will be rewarded, as the saying goes: "you reap what you sow", kaya stay on the good side...

  2. thanks mama rubz...*singhot* + *hug*

  3. wow! parang joe d' mango naman itong si mareng rubs. wahahaha! in fairness ha, nde ko naintindihan ang mga sinabi nya. wahahahaha! jowk! well neldz, i hope you're over with whatever that bad situation you were the past days... always remeber, para sa min, you're a good person and we love yah! mwuah mwuah!

  4. oo nga eh! may tinatago pala tong talent c ruby...hahaha! thanks Imee rin... muah! muah! muah!
    we're fine now actually but not totally since we haven't talk yet...but i stil hope that someday everything will be ok....maybe it's not d ryt tym na pag-usapan yun... later na lang if nagsubside na yung pain or ung intense emotions.

  5. hahaha... kaya tinatago ko na nga lang sana itong talent ko... wahahaha... nadala lang ako sa matinding emosyon para sayo nelds, lumabas tuloy... hehe... nde nga bagay e... weee...

    hamo, tama yan, rest muna sa usapin na yan, tutal sabi nga nila "time heals all pain"... kaya may tamang panahon para sa jan at para sa lahat

    period. [baka humaba pa nyahahaha]

  6. ahhaha! akala ko hahaba pa eh..yeah palamig muna... salamat tlga... :D