Sunday, May 22, 2011

Passion Run: Our First Run

Just this year, I was diagnosed with migraine and vertigo, likewise, when I came back from Germany I experienced to lose my voice and heel pains(until now), plus, I know I am obviously gaining weight. So this calls for a change in LIFESTYLE.

I decided to run around Bedok Reservoir at least every Saturday. But I need some motivations. Doing this alone, I know for sure, it will be another failure. Bert always pushes me to make it happen. Last March/April, when I am still in Germany, Bert registered me to join the 100Plus Passion Run 2011 to be held on May 21. Since I came back, together with JhoWa, we constantly run in Bedok Reservoir for 4.2km every week.

Today is the event. Since we are on the 5km Fun/Chance Run, we are scheduled to start around 6:20pm at East Coast Park. We arrived earlier to change the sizes of our running tees.

East Coast is purely cemented which is a total opposite of Bedok which, in my opinion, is harder or have more pressure on the feet. I don't know which of these factors: red bull I drink before the run, not so flat road or improper start speed; cause me to have a stomach cramps before I reach 2km. Because of this, I was forced to walk and catch my breath. I continued to jog este run after 2km, but to be honest, I was too tired, can hardly speak, can hardly breathed and got scared when we saw someone lying on the road with the first-aid medics around him. Jho is not talking anymore and her upper body is getting reddish. Wali and Bert kept on telling us "ano todo na? malapit na lang oh. Konti na lang(pero malayo pa tlga)." As a result I raised my voice and tell Bert, "Mauna ka na kaya!!!" Later did I know that Jho was also annoyed with Wali and to us when we run faster on the last 500m and even faster on the last 100m.

Since we run so fast, we didn't notice that we went on the wrong lane on the finish line. Someone handed us a finishing medal and was so happy about it and because I really need a water, we didn't check the medal and the run ends. Jho and Wali were still on the road so I told Bert to wait for them. When they arrived, I asked why they don't have the medal. Wali went back to the finish line area. That's when I check the medal. Whoah! 25km! 5km runner will not receive any medal. Hahaha! So embarassed that I quickly hide it in the bag. Well, it's a good souvenir.
After this, we went to Bedok Interchange to treat ourselves for a yummy dinner in Antons. Next run will be in July for women only while bert+Bedok boys will run on Mizuno next month. Hopefully we can do this once every quarter.

---Thanks God we survived the first(except Bert) run.


  1. Hay naku, si wally, best actor, as always. Huy dun lang naman ako nainis nung malapit na sa 5KM kasi hindi na ako makatakbo ng mabilis + nakalas ang shoelace ko + iniisip ko na wala kaming dalang cellphone pangkontak pag nagkawalaan + ang kulit ni wally (way of encouraging me daw) = napressure ang lola mo, nyahaha!

  2. init ng ulo inabot naten sa run na yun...hahaha!