Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye 2007, Hello 2008

It may be late writing how I welcome the 2oo8, but I will still make it. I will make lists of what I was in 2007 and what I want to be, to have and to do in 2008.

-I welcome 2007 by changing my hairdo, I went for a hot oil, trimmed my hair straight and put some bangs.
-I've been into different bars, Nirvana, Elbow Room, Muchos with my officemates.
-It's my first time to ride a plane, went to Boracay for 4days as well as in Puerto Galera.
-JhoWa and BertNeng went to Tagaytay last July and it was my first time on that place also and ate at Bag of Beans Resto.
-I went to different historical places in Laguna and Lucban Quezon.
-I celebrated a birthday full of surprises and received gifts which cost so much efforts from my friends and loved ones.
-I cried and realized that it's so hard to say goodbyes to my officemates whom I had worked for 2 years.
-For the first time, I celebrated Christmas in Pampanga, ate Bayawak and discovered so many things about animals.
-There's so many ups and downs this year, although each year seemed to be like this, but 2007 was more difficult for me almost in all aspects.
  • WORK. I've been in a battle between myself and I. It's so hard to handle this because I envied my officemates and friends who have grown in their career so much which made me think that I was left alone, uncompetitive, less confident and keep on asking myself what to do to boost my personality and career.
  • FINANCIAL. I know most of us if not all experience this kind of prob. Well, on my part, I'm just wondering why I can't buy what I want while other's can. Why I can't go to a place I want to reach, while other's can. I have enough money to feed my necessities and I'm very thankful for that. But when time comes one of the impt. persons in my life will need my help and I can't, it's quite disappointing.
  • FRIENDS. Countless of times I had been involved in the gaps of my berks. But I am thankful that we still remain friends after all what had happened between us.
  • LOVELIFE. Well, it's normal for a relationship but for more than 2 yrs, for the first time me and Bert had a longest fight. Thanks God, our faith in Him and love for each other keep us together. I witnessed most relationships had broken and paranoia attacked me always if me and Bert were not ok. Hehehe!
  • FAMILY. It's the first time, I quarreled my father because of anger when he was drunk. But that year, was better for us as far as the bonding is concerned.
-I change my hairdo again: layered, shoulder-length,curly hair like a cheez curlz.
  • First of all, be disciplined enough to save money and spend salary wisely.
  • Look for a new apartment for the whole family.
  • If God will give me an opportunity, I will apply for a housing loan.
  • I must have a career growth this time. I'll stop comparing myself to others instead set my goals and do something to get them.
  • I'll try my best not to demand and expect so much from Bert.
  • Take a 1 week leave on Dimple's graduation and spend vacation in Bikol coz I did not go home for 2 years already.
  • Save money to visit Bohol or Palawan and take a summer outing in the beach with Berks.
  • Improve my relationship with God and trust Him all the time.
  • Try to be positive in all circumstances.
  • The last but not the last, I'll strive to lose weight, engage myself to more physical activities and eat less.
What I learned in the past year is that, in every difficulties, more blessings came and lessons taught. This 2008 I hope and pray that I can achieve what I really want and what God wants me to be.


  1. nakalimutan mo ung date natin sa tagaytay

  2. oo nga noh!!! teka eedit ko may matutupad na pala sa mga lists of gusto gawin this 2008...yahooo!!!

  3. goodluck neldz!! suporthan taka hahaha... sabay tayo mag-loose ng weight hehehe...

  4. thanks mye...sana matupad ka lahat yan