Friday, March 16, 2012

Jeju Island - Maze Park

Before I forget our experience in Maze Park, I want to share it first. My friends and I have not been to any maze park before(as far as i know). So we did not miss to go to this place during our Jeju trip last Mar 8, 2012.

Since we look younger than our age( or is it because Eds is with us), our admission fee is the youth price(hehehe!) and they gave us the map of the maze. The goal is to reach the bell from the entrance. Let's go!

We decided to split into 2, we turn left and they go straight. Since i am not good at using maps so we just run and run until we reached the dead end(literally with bones of i don't know what animal is that). Go back until we noticed that we're running in circles. Toinks. Since it is tiring inside, and i am already a little bit worried that we might stay there longer than we have expected, we decided to take photos to ease the tension until I heard our friends voices nearby.

The four of us decided to try again but still we seem to be running with no direction again. That's when we decided to stop and try our best to find the correct route in the map and...seems like we did it and for the last try, we finally see the other bridge...

Pose for our milestone and finally we reach the bridge with the bell. Ring the bell for our success!

After more than an hour inside the maze, we run again since we are already late for the next attractions. For me, this was the highlight of our first day in Jeju and i will definitely recommend this to others.

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