Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Korean Folk Village

On our post-winter trip to Korea, we decided to go here on the last day of our trip and the last attraction which is outside of Seoul.

Getting there:
1. Take the subway to Gangnam Station and exit 10.
2. Walk straight and go for the bus stop in the middle of the road. Traffic light i think is in front of Worri bank.
3. Take Bus 5001-1. Tap T-card for boarding and alighting the bus.
4. It take 40-50 min to reach the place. When you see signs which says Korean Folk Village, look to the left and if you see a huge parking lot, alight on the next stop.
5. Walk towards the end of the parking lot going through 7-11 and other shops.
6. Purchase the ticket and that's it.

I find this place interesting when I browse the websites for attractions in South Korea. A taste and glimpse of the traditional culture of Korea. This is what I always look forward on all of my trips; to experience the country's unique culture.

Korean Folk Village is a big place and favorite filming location of traditional/old dramas. Since it was very cold(-7 degrees celcius), we can't afford to waste time and effort so we decided to use and try our best to follow the map.

We arrived at 12pm and this is time for the highlight among the shows inside: the traditional wedding ceremony. Unfortunately it's almost done when we reached the place.

We also visited some museums, old houses, few shows but unfortunately, it seems our brain is frozen and we cannot think of anything except how to warm ourselves. So we decided to eat our lunch inside the tent with a heater.

After eating, we decided to try the Hanbok(for free) and to roam around, take photos and more. Then we left the place, and head back again to 7-11 to drink hot choco while waiting for the bus. No need to cross the road and alight on the bus stop where you boarded in going to korean folk village.

This place has more to offer than what I have mentioned but too bad, the cold wind stops us to enjoy the korean folk village.

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