Friday, March 23, 2012

Seoul Searching

During our South Korea Trip, the 3rd day was already in Seoul. Like what we have experienced in Jeju Island, we got lost. We can't find Yoo's home. I can't say it's their fault or our fault or maybe both.

Anyway, Yoo's home is one of the Hanok, traditional korean house, guesthouse in Seoul. It is located near the Bokchun Village and just 5-8min walk from Anguk subway station. On the first night, we stayed at Room of Hope and Room of Wealth. On the second day,  2 move to Room of Love. What I like in the traditional korean house is the heater on the wooden floor. What I don't like is the toilet which is outside the room. It's freaking cold especially on winter and is smaller than the usual T&B of other guesthouses. Sorry we forgot to take photos of the room.

Next attraction is Myeongdong to buy cosmetics for friends and a few for ourselves. Compared to Anguk, Myeongdong is a very very busy place. Being the main place for cosmetics, you can see here shops of the famous cosmetic brands such as Etude House, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Skinfood...and many more. What makes it crowded, i think, are the sale and discounts as well as freebies they will give once you purchase their products. There are also shops for clothes, accessories,  korean restaurants and street foods.

That day, we met my former R&S colleague who was in Korea for business trip. I was glad to see him again since I wasn't in the office during his last day. He became our interpreter in one of the cosmetic shops. The Korean saleslady cannot understand my English and I can't understand her. Good thing she knows how to speak Mandarin so Tzeh Yeu became our interpreter. After this we have our dinner and 1 bottle of soju; his treat.

Then we went to Namsan Cable Car. Due to the cold weather and crowded cable car station, we decided to just take a photo of the Namsan Tower on the background.

On our last day in Seoul, we visited the Gyeongbukgong Palace. I think this is the famous palace in Seoul. It's really big but we did not go inside since the weather was so harsh that time. We only wanted to go home and warm ourselves.

These are the only places we visited in Seoul. Okay we can also include the subway stations like Yongsan, Gangnam, Cheongnyangni, and a lot more.

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