Friday, March 16, 2012

Jeju Island - Submarine Tour

This is the highlight of our 2nd day in Jeju Island. The most expensive thing to do in Jeju( better search for the updated price ). This is also our first time to be inside a submarine.

I like the view of the port where you wait for the submarine transport boat which will bring you to the submarine a few minutes from the port. This reminds me of the vaporetto station in Venice. The boat ride from the port to the submarine actually is not boring because of the nice view.

Once you reach the station, before entering the submarine, they will ask you to pose for your submarine photo. Just say yes, after all, it's free or should I say included in the admission fee.

Only 1 person at a time can go inside the submarine. From the top, one will take the ladder to go inside and outside. Then, the tour starts. Going deeper and there are monitors which you can see what is happening above and current depth. First you will see the coral reefs. One guy will feed the fishes and will pass to the submarine very slowly. Next is to another coral reefs and they will turn on the light to appear as if it is autumn in the seabed. Last and the deepest at 40m below, is to see the Korean version of titanic, the shipwrecked.

One thing I don't appreciate in this tour is that the host is speaking in Korean, no English at all. Maybe this was the reason why the captain personally approached and talked to us for few minutes and gave us lollipops.

On our way back to the port, even if it was cold, we decided to stay outside the upper deck. While taking photos with the birds(seagulls?) on the background, one of the crews approached and asked "DO you want to feed the birds?" and yes. This is the most enjoyable part of this tour. We experienced to feed them on the boat, be bitten by their big beaks and frightened if they are approaching very fast to grab the oishi in our fingers. Sometimes before they can reached the food, we will release it and laugh especially after they bit half of our finger.

In my own opinion, I hope Philippines can have this kind of tour. I think it will attract more people since Philippines has far more beautiful seabeds and coral reefs. For me, who doesn't know how to swim and dive, going into the submarine is two thumbs up.

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